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Sump Pump Team always ensure that the Sump Pumps we sell to our customers in Scranton, IA are of the best quality and also genuine. We give them warranties of up to 1 yr.For customers who want our installation services the warranty is outlined in the contract with the plumbing contractor.


Backup sump pump

We at Sump Pump Team also have back up Sump Pumps backup Sump Pump which operate if the primary Sump Pump fails due to a power outage or mechanical failure. Under normal conditions, the primary sump will start running when the water in the sump reaches a certain level. If a power failure occurs during a period of footing drain flow, the water level will continue to rise past that level without the primary pump operating, and the water can build up in the footing drains and in the soil around the basement. Basement wetness can result from water pressure building up around the outside of the basement walls, where it can seep through cracks in the concrete walls or floor. The decision to purchase a backup system is dependent upon each homeowner’s individual needs. The factors that should be considered are the level of finish of the basement, the frequency of power outages, past wetness problems, and home elevation relative to surrounding areas. Power outages frequently occur during storm events and it is advisable to have a backup system installed if you are at all concerned about basement wetness.



Sump Pumps are preferred by many residents in Scranton, IA due to their many advantages. Sump Pumps provided by Sump Pump Team have low maintenance requirements other than replacing the battery and checking the water level in battery. They have very low up front cost and are easy to install.

Customers can always contact us on 888-317-0104 for more information.

Sump Pumps are convenient for home use since they do not produce a lot of noise when beingused. They are designed in such a way that they have a quiet operation, they make very minimal noise and won’t affect the conducive environment that is supposed to be at home. Pump sounds much like a refrigerator motor. How often the pump runs depends on the amount of water being removed from your footing drains.

Sump Pumps never have blockage even in cold seasons when water can freeze inside the pipes. It is possible for the discharge lines to freeze as they are installed above the frost line. Normally, the water discharged from the Sump Pump is warm enough to flow without freezing to the storm drainage system. Additionally it is a cyclic flow which means it flows very fast while the pump is operating and hardly at all when not. This means that if the lines placed with the proper grade they should not contain water for an extended period of time therefore minimizing possible freezing. If it does freeze, there is an emergency discharge near the home that allows water to be pumped outside the house. Also, homeowner construction of fences and lawn watering systems could break the discharge line. In these cases, the emergency discharge would put the sump water next to the house until the homeowner can repair the line.

Sump Pump Team remains the best dealer in Sump Pumps in Scranton, IA.customers can always reach us on 888-317-0104 for more information.

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