About us

Sump Pump Team is fully committed to the provision of sump pumps to all our customers. We have plumbing contractors who do the installation and always ensure that the sump pump is working effectively. The pinups we provide to our customers are genuine and of high quality and work for a long time before the need for repair.

Commitment and assurance

We at business provide warranty to all our customers who buy our sump pumps, we also offer warranty for installation and always give assurance that we will replace or repair the sum pump if it spoils in the warranty period.

Sump Pump Team is committed to sustainability and acting in environmental friendly ways. We ensure that our products are environmental friendly.our pumps use pollution free fuel and don’t produce noise pollution.

We are also committed to innovation and excellence. Sump Pump Team has put in a lot of funds in research and innovation in improvement of the sump pumps. Sump Pump Team also ensures that the products we produce are of excellent quality and they match the customers’ specifications.

Sump Pump Team is also committed to doing well to its employees, the customers and the society at large, through better remuneration, quality products at fair prices and social responsibility.

Our core values

Our core values at Sump Pump Team include;

Honesty and respect

Sump Pump Team staff and management ensures that we put honesty in all our dealings.We always tell our customers what we have and never sell things we don’t have. We treat our customers with a lot of respect since we know they are the force behind our success.


We ensure that the products we offer to our customers have no health hazards. We also ensure that our sump pumps are properly installed to reduce accidents which may lead to serious injuries.Sump Pump Team ensures that our workers apply all the safety requirements such as having the required attire while working and having a standby medical team in case of any accidents.


Sump Pump Team holds itself accountable for all the activities that go on when on site or at the factory. We ensure that the customer specifications and preferences for the size and type of sump pump are met and that the customer has confirmed it’s that pump they want. We also ensure all mistakes are corrected and ensure that the customers are satisfied with our services and products.


Sump Pump Team encourages diversity both in employee composition and the products that we sell to our customers. Sump Pump Team has employees from all races and all are treated the same in promotions and job allocations.jobs are always given on grounds of competence and skills.Sump Pump Team always encourages diversity in theproducts.wealways have all the different types of sump pumps in the market and always brings in to the market the new models that are manufactured. This enables Sump Pump Team to stay in business and have a larger share of the market.


Sump Pump Team encourages empowerment by sponsoring employees who are focused and passionate about their jobs to further their education and skills in their areas of specialization.

Customers can always reach us on 888-317-0104 for more information about Sump Pump Team

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